Game Interests

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There are MANY games our community enjoys, but these are the ones that they play for the most part.

Soldier of Fortune 2, Call of Duty Series, Battlefield Series, Left For Dead Series

You can see some of us also enjoying games such as:

  1. Dungeon Defenders by Trendy Entertainment
  2.  Torchlight & Torchlight 2 by Runic Games
  3. Guild Wars &  Guild Wars 2 by Arena Net
  4.  Starcraft & Starcraft2 by Blizzard Entertainment
  5. Borderlands & Borderlands 2 by Gearbox Software
  6. Infestation:Survivor Stories by Hammerpoint Interactive
  7. No Room In Hell by NMRiH Team
  8. ARMA2 w/Arma:Operation Thunderhead. DAYz MOD

These are indeed but a few of the games we play, not to mention some of the ones coming out, and some that have already been released.